Sand art for documentary film

| octobre 2018 | Live sand drawing shooting

In October, I shot live sand drawing sequences for an archive documentary film about Robert Jacquinot De Besange (creator of the first refugee zone in history, in China).

2018 - Live sand art for documentary film

Show SOUFFLE in Lyon & Marennes

| November 22 & 11, 2018 | Multimedia concerts

2017 - Souffle, live sand art musical show in Nantes

Sand art in concert with "Percussions Claviers de Lyon"

| September 23, 2018 | France, "Festival Les Inouies"

2018 - Live sand art on Debussy, Préludes, Voiles

I will perform with sand art on several pieces of Debussy, and also on a musical piece by Denis Fargeton.

Show Souffle: Yssingeaux (France)

| June 1st, 2018 | Multimedia concert

2016 :: Live sand art musical show (boat): Souffle

Sand art for theater in Paris

| May 23,24, 26 2018 | Live sand drawing for 3 performances

A deep show, dense, funny, where the elements answer each other, enters into resonance, a symphony.

New sand art show available, a travel around the world

Performance "Around the world in 80 days": 10’30"

2018 - Sand art tests for Otto Schwarz music

Sand art and music take us from Paris to London, through India, China, New York ...

Sand art performance for concert with orchestra

| May 7th, 2018 | Live sand drawing in Pontonx, France

2018 - Sand art tests for Otto Schwarz music

On May 7th, I will be in "Pontonx sur l’Adour" (France) for a live drawing performance during the spring show of the "Sirène Pontoise": "The Mermaid has an incredible talent"


French Sand Artist David Myriam uses sand drawing since 2005 to create shows and sand performances with live video projection.
The sand plays with light and the artist imagines ephemera stories.

Sand art show David Myriam

With Sand Art, different kinds of creations available:

The sand artist also produces films for motion animation and sand illustrations.

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Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
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Since 2005, a French artist specialist in sand drawing