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Sand Art films for Sea of Sand events

:: June 2013 :: Videos on request with sand drawing

To celebrate its 50 years, the Adventure Park "Sea of Sand" has asked me to create "Raiders of the Sea Sand", with Citron Bien agency.

This video clip is selected in CinéRail festival 2013, Paris.

- To enhance this work, we also made making-off:

Sand art show in France

::October 31, 2013:: Sand artist in Strasbourg

Sand art performance for a national gathering in Strasbourg, audience of 1500 in Zénith concert hall.

2013 :: Sand art :: Rassemblement, Zénith de Strasbourg, France

Sand art performance for gala dinner

::October 25, 2013:: sand artist peformance in France

Sand art performance during a gala dinner for engineering school (InSIC), St Dié des Vosges.

2013 :: Sand art :: Gala dinner, France

Sand art video for an event in Riyadh

::September 2013:: Sand art film on request

Shooting a live sand art film (05 min.) for Isuzu car dealer in Saudi Arabia.

2013 :: Live sand art :: Corporate video for event, Isuzu

Sand art show in Deauville

::September 20, 2013:: Live sand drawing performance for business event

Sand art performance during the 30th anniversary of Aixam, a corporate event of the famous French small car manufacturer.
Drawings of artist David Myriam announce new models.

2013 :: Sand art :: Aixam Event, Deauville, France

Sand artist for a show in France

::June 19, 2013:: Live sand performance during international event

Sand performance with my show "Dunes" during gala dinner for the international conference IEEE PowerTech, at Grenoble ice rink.
The room was packed and the atmosphere very warm even though it was on the ice!
Congratulations also to other artists!

2013 :: Sand art :: IEE PowerTech Conference, preparations, France

Sand art in concert at Festival Musica Nigella

::June 09th, 2013:: sand artist with symphony orchestra

A sand art creation in concert with symphony orchestra with Ravel & Takenori Nemoto musics.
This unique concert took place at the Kursaal, Berck-sur-Mer (France).

Sand Art in Electrochoc Festival

::April 03, 2013:: Live sand performance for electronic music concert

NOO-EDEN, a 45’ unique Mouving Sand art performance, with PJ Pargas, at Festival of electronic music and digital arts, Bourgoin-Jallieu (France)

2013 :: Sand art :: Electrochoc Festival, France
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