New sand painting performances, David Myriam’s special live sand drawing shows for events, sand painter video creations and films...

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Sand artist for a show in France

::June 19, 2013:: Live sand performance during international event

Sand performance with my show "Dunes" during gala dinner for the international conference IEEE PowerTech, at Grenoble ice rink.
The room was packed and the atmosphere very warm even though it was on the ice!
Congratulations also to other artists!

2013 :: Sand art :: IEE PowerTech Conference, preparations, France

Sand art in concert at Festival Musica Nigella

::June 09th, 2013:: sand artist with symphony orchestra

A sand art creation in concert with symphony orchestra with Ravel & Takenori Nemoto musics.
This unique concert took place at the Kursaal, Berck-sur-Mer (France).

Sand Art in Electrochoc Festival

::April 03, 2013:: Live sand performance for electronic music concert

NOO-EDEN, a 45’ unique Mouving Sand art performance, with PJ Pargas, at Festival of electronic music and digital arts, Bourgoin-Jallieu (France)

2013 :: Sand art :: Electrochoc Festival, France

Sand drawing art in France

::March 26, 2013:: Performance for a business event for HP

The performance took place at the former Museum of Grenoble during a gala dinner in a beautiful upper room with 500 people for audience.
During this international event HP / Intel, I presented my show "Dunes".

2013 :: Sand art show :: Dunes in museum, France
2013 :: Sand art :: Logos HP & Intel , France

Shooting a video clip

::February/March 2013:: Sand animation film

Shooting a sand animation film (frame by frame) for a song from a band in North America.
- More in September!

2013 :: Sand animation :: Video clip, Canada

Sand Art videos for event

::February 2013:: Videos for coporate event in Dubai

Shooting sand art stories for an event in Dubai (pharmaceutical industry).

2013 :: Live sand art :: Corporate video for event, Dubai

Sand Art Show in Lyon

::January 30,2013:: Sand art performance for Bocuse d’Or

2013 :: Sand artist :: Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, Live, France {JPEG}Sand Art Performance for the event "Bocuse d’Or" 2013, during the Sirha showroom GL Events.

The sand show took place at "La Sucrière", in the new area Lyon Confluence, in front of 1500 people. My special sandy dishes received a wonderful success...!

2013 :: Sand artist :: Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, La Sucrière

Sand Art Show in France

::January 25, 2013:: Sand art performance in the city of Aubagne

2013 :: Sand art show :: Event in Aubagne, France {JPEG}Sand drawing performance created for the Vows ceremony Agglomeration in the convention center of Aubagne, Agora, on the theme of the local territory.

The welcome was warm with hundreds of people.

2013 :: Sand art show :: Event in Aubagne, France
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