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Concert in Paris with Joubran Trio, for UNESCO

| December 16, 2022 | Poetic sand art performance

Sand art performance for the world day of Arabic language at UNESCO

| December 16, 2022 | Paris, opening of the iconic Joubran Trio concert

Short films and sand shows at festival Eidôlon, Palaiseau

| November 08, 2022 | Evening with sand art at Institute of Optics

Show for an evening at the restaurant of the Quai Branly Museum

| October 5, 2022 | Show "Around the world in 80 days

Sand art creation for company seminar

|Septembre 25, 2022 | The performance took place on a cruise ship

Live sand art performance for a municipal celebration in Bessancourt

| Septembre 10, 2022 | Live drawing to evoke the transformation of the town centre

Sand art performances for Festival Etoiles Symphoniques

| August 24-26, 2022 | Interventions for concerts in Verneuil d’Avre et d’Iton

"Sand Uprising", an evening around sand art

| August 10, 2022 | Aurel, Drôme: short films & shows

Clip "En partance", for Valientes Gracias

| June 2022 | Live sand art for a song

Sand art for a tale

| June 19, 2022 | Drôme: creation for a tale accompanied by electronic music

Shooting Music video

| Spring 2022 | Live drawing for a song about a migratory journey

Live sand art for poetic concert with orchestra Colonne in Paris

| April 10, 2022 | Show "Au pays des mille-pattes"

Sand art for musical show with Bessancourt music school

| April 2,l 2022 | Live sand drawing for an hour and a half musical show

Live sand art clip for environmental NGOs

| 2022 | Video to promote the safeguarding of Mediterranean wetlands

Video capture of sand art shows in Paris for an online event

| January 13, 2022 | Performances for "Cité des sciences et de l’industrie"

Live sand art for the play "When an animal is watching you" : Chambéry

| October 12-14, 2021 | Sand art performance with a contemporary play

Sand show and short films in Toulon, France

| August 28, 2021 | Performance & demonstration for two young audiences screenings

Music video with live sand art: Bow & Gatling

| June 2020 | Diffusion en ligne du clip de "La soñadora"

Sand art for documentary film: broadcast on TV

| Monday June 29, 2020 - 8h45 pm | Live sand drawing sequences inside documentary film

Shooting of a clip to promote the safeguarding of Mediterranean wetlands

Winter-Spring 2020: production of a video for NGOs

Musical show The Little Prince with sand art: Teaser

|January 10, 2020 | Performance in Uccle Cultural Center, Belgium

Sand show in Bessancourt, France

| November 20, 2019 | For the inauguration of a school

Show SOUFFLE, several dates in France and Switzerland

| November 03, 16 & 22, 2019 + December 5, 2019 | Multimedia concerts

Sand show in St Maximin, France

| October 5th, 2019 | for "Belledonne et Veillées" evening 2019

Sand art for thearter : The symphony of the wolves in Annecy

| September 19th and 20th, 2019 | In Bonlieu APM congress

Sand art for documentary film

| octobre 2018 | Live sand drawing shooting

Show SOUFFLE in Lyon & Marennes

| November 22 & 11, 2018 | Multimedia concerts

Sand art in concert with "Percussions Claviers de Lyon"

| September 23, 2018 | France, "Festival Les Inouies"

Show Souffle: Yssingeaux (France)

| June 1st, 2018 | Multimedia concert

Sand art for theater in Paris

| May 23,24, 26 2018 | Live sand drawing for 3 performances

Sand art performance for concert with orchestra

| May 7th, 2018 | Live sand drawing in Pontonx, France

Show "The new life of Salome" in Aubenas

| March 24 & 25, 2018 | performance in comic strip festival (France, 07)

My film "Midnight Blue" is online!

Sand art drawing short movie by David Myriam

Sand performances for the play "When an animal is watching you"

| March 2018 | in Montrouge & Fontainebleau, France

Show "The new life of Salome" in Rive-de-Gier

| March 1st to 8, 2018 | Twelve performances (France, 42)

Show Souffle: Anneyron (France)

| January 27, 2018 | Concert for musical cabaret

Performances for the play "When an animal is watching you"

| January 23 & 24, 2018 | in Corbeil-Essonnes, France

Show Souffle: Jarcieu (France)

| November 3rd, 2017 | Concert for humanitarian purposes

Project of a show around Debussy

A new creation with "Les Percussions Claviers de Lyon"

Sand art performance in concert with Great Organ

| July 1st, 2017 | Sand art with Mozart

Sand art feature film project

| 2017 | A personal film with animation and live sand drawing

Sand art for Opera at festival Musica Nigella

| June 4th, 2017 | Live drawing for "l’Enfant et les Sortilèges" by Ravel

Show Souffle: Upcoming dates

| May-June 2017 | 2 concerts in France

Sand art performance for conference

| May 17, 2017 | Live drawing in a museum, Paris

Teaser for a concert projet

Video presentation with sand art

Performance in Crest

| April 1st 2017 | live sand art and exhibition for art event

Show Dunes in Lille

| March 29, 2017 | Performance for corporate event

Show Souffle: pictures from stage

| March 2017 | sand art pictures

Show Souffle: Upcoming dates

| March 2017 | 3 concerts in France & Italy

Show concert rap in progress

| March-april 2017 | Creation of a new show

Sand art show Lunar Variations in France

| February 18, 2017, 3h pm | live sand drawing performance in EDEN cinema

Live sand art for show Namazu

Performance Video Capture, parts of a sand show

Live sand art show for SOUFFLE in Die

| February 06, 2016| multimedia show in France

Decision not to fly anymore

I chose not to travel by plane from 2016

Show Namazu with Kafka

| January 20, 2017 | sand art performance

Show Lunar Variations : teaser

| december 2016 | sand art show

Souvenirs: live painting video

Film with acrylic painting live under camera

Sand art in Beaubourg

| December 3, 2016 | Live sand drawing for symposium in Paris

Film Midnight Blue in India

| November 23-26, 2016 | Screening in Bangalore

Sand art show SOUFFLE

| September 17, 2016| multimedia show in France

Live sand art for theater

::2015-2016:: for the play "When an animal is watching you"

SOUFFLE: sand art show

| 2016 | one hour show with sand drawing stories, poetry, music...

Sand art for the show Namazu

::2015-2016:: with KAFKA (instrumental band)

Sand artist show in Amsterdam

::May 21, 2015:: Custom sand art show for a corporate event

Sand art show in Jeddah

::May 03, 2015:: Sand art performance for a event in Saudy Arabia

Sand art concert with Great Organ, Mozart

::Avril 11, 2015:: sand art painting performance in France

Sand art performance for Mozart Opera

::March 03, 2015:: The Magic Flute in Mérignac, France

Midnight Blue VOD

My sand art movie about ecological problems is available online

Sand art performance in Besançon, France

::November 4, 2014:: A custom creation for an event in the city of watchmaking

Sand art for Unesco in Paris

::October 31, 2014:: Ceremony for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Unesco

Sand art show in Claix, France

:: September 26, 2014 :: Live sand drawing performance in Claix, France

Sand art performance for Mozart Opera

::August 23, 2014:: visual creations and scenery for The Magic Flute.

Shooting a commercial sand art movie

::June 2014:: Live drawing for advertising film with flour

Sand art performance in Cannes

::May 28, 2014:: Sand show on request for corporate event

Sand art performance in Paris

::May 27:: Show for the SNCF awards ceremony of crime novel

Sand artist performance in Paris

::January 22, 2014 :: Sand artist performance for Porsche event at "Invalides"

Sand art show in France

::October 31, 2013:: Sand artist in Strasbourg

Sand art performance for gala dinner

::October 25, 2013:: sand artist peformance in France

Sand art video for an event in Riyadh

::September 2013:: Sand art film on request

Sand art show in Deauville

::September 20, 2013:: Live sand drawing performance for business event

Sand artist for a show in France

::June 19, 2013:: Live sand performance during international event

Sand art in concert at Festival Musica Nigella

::June 09th, 2013:: sand artist with symphony orchestra

Sand Art in Electrochoc Festival

::April 03, 2013:: Live sand performance for electronic music concert

Sand drawing art in France

::March 26, 2013:: Performance for a business event for HP

Shooting a video clip

::February/March 2013:: Sand animation film

Sand Art videos for event

::February 2013:: Videos for coporate event in Dubai

Sand Art Show in Lyon

::January 30,2013:: Sand art performance for Bocuse d’Or

Sand Art Show in France

::January 25, 2013:: Sand art performance in the city of Aubagne

Sand performance in France

::December 14, 2012:: Live sand drawing show at an Airbus event

Film Terminal Recession on ARTE!

::10.10.2012:: My short animation film will be on ARTE Creative

Sand Artist for concerts in France

::August 17,18,24 2012:: Live Sand Art for Avallon Festival

Sand Art for summer

::July 2012:: New short video with blue sand

Film Terminal Recession ...ended!

::June 2012:: end of production

Sand art for theater workshop in Paris

::June 8, 2012:: Sand performance about animals

Sand drawing for art exhibition in France

::May 27, 2012:: "Exposition en Action" near Lyon

Sand painting performance in Jeddah

::February 06th, 2012:: Live show for corporate event in Saudi Arabia

Sand drawing performance in Nice

::October 21, 2011:: Special sand show for corporate event

Sand painting show for corporate event

::September 12 to 15, 2011:: New sand show for 4 performances, La Baule, France

Sand painting performance in Paris

::August 25, 2011:: Special sand show for business seminar

Sand painting performance in Paris

::August 14,15 2011:: Special sand show for corporate event, cosmetic industry

Sand painting artist in music Festival Messiaen

::July 31th 2011, Briançon, France:: Sand Performance for Opera

Sand shows in Musica Nigella Festival, France

::June 2,4th, 2011:: Live sand drawing performances during Chamber Music concerts

Sand show in Belgium

::April 24, 2011:: Sand drawing performance for a private event

Sand performance in Dubai

::March 30, 2011:: Special sand show for mobile phone company

Sand drawing show for television

::March 20, 2011:: Performance for tv show "Dancing on Ice" on ITV channel

Live sand drawing News

::March 2011:: video about shows, new design for website

Sand drawing show in Valence, France

::December 18, 2010:: Performances at a Festival of Lights and Pictures

Screening sand animation film "It’s not Food", Grenoble

::December 1st, 2010:: Film Festival Nature and Environment

Live sand show with orchestra concert

::November 19,20 2010:: Sand Performances for a show with symphony orchestra

Live sand art performance for corporate event in France

::October 5,6,7, 2010:: Sand painting performances in Lille

Sand painting performance in France

::October 1st, 2010:: Special sand show for sport award event, in Orléans

Live sand art performance for corporate event in France

::September 30, 2010:: Sand painting performance in Lyon

Sand painter artist in Abu Dhabi

::September 26, 2010:: Closing live entertainment performance

Live art performance for corporate event in France

::September 07, 2010:: Sand painting performances for a business seminar close to Reims

Sand painting performance in France

::August 26, 2010:: Special sand show for corporate event

Sand painting performances in Abu Dhabi

::July 14, 2010:: Special sand show

Sand drawing show for music festival

::June 21, 2010:: Performance "Lunar Variations" in France, Echirolles

Sand show "Umbilical" in Véretz, France

::May 30, 2010:: Live sand performance around land art and environment

Sand drawing show for Euroleague Basketball

::May 08th, 2010:: Show for Final 4 Paris, "Hôtel de Ville"

Sand animation film "Do You Mind?" on channel Canal+

::May 7, 2010:: Broadcast of one of my short film

Live sand painting performance "Dunes" in Morocco

:: March 19, 2010 :: Live sand drawing performance in Casablanca

Sand artist for shows at "Casino Le Lyon Vert", France

::March 18, 2010:: Live sand drawing performances for a dinner-show

Performance in the play "Cet animal qui nous regarde"

::France: Paris & Bourges in March, Vannes in May:: Special creation for the theater

Live sand painting show "Dunes" in Casablanca

:: February 12, 2010 :: Live sand drawing performance in Morocco

Sand drawing performance in Paris

::February 10, 2010 :: Sand painting for an event about video game

Sand painting show in Bahrain

::December 10, 2009:: Performances in Bahrain for corporate event

Live sand show with "Orchestre National de Lyon"

::November 21, 2009:: Performances in Lyon, symphonic concert

Performances at film festival, Aubagne

::October 09,10 2009:: Spectacles dessin sur sable + Film d’animation

Performances at Macau Arts Festival

::May 10,14,15 2009:: Sand performances by David Myriam

Sand artist for a show in Dubaï

::February 09, 2009:: Sand art, performance by David Myriam

Sand painting performance in Abu Dhabi

::January 18, 2009:: Sand show about World Future Energy Summit, Masdar

Sand animation show at RIDEP

::Januray 15, 2009:: Show "Imagination Control" by David Myriam

Sand animation show in Tremblay-en-France

::Decembre 16, 2008:: Show "Sea Song" by David Myriam

Sand animation performance in Greece

::October 22,23 2008:: Live sand shows in Athens

Show "Animals dream" in Amsterdam

::October 2, 2008:: Live sand painting shows in Netherlands

Sand drawing live performance in Dubaï

:: September 10, 2008 :: Sand performer for a live show in Dubaï

Sand painter, live shows in France

::May 17th 2008:: Performances at "La Côte Saint André" (France)

Sand show live in Saudi Arabia

::April 15,19,21 2008:: Performances for Mobily events

Sand painting show in Alger

::March 25th, 2008:: Performance at Algeria’s Motor Show

Sand painting artist, live in Qatar

::February 28,29 2008:: Sand painting live show in Doha, Qatar

Sand drawing show, Lyon, France

::February 1st, 2008:: Live sand performance in "Cité Internationale"

Live sand drawing performance in France

::November 2,3 2007:: Sand painting show for "Voix d’Etoiles" animation Festival

Sand painting live show in Asia and Dubai

::September 6,10,19 2007:: Live performance by sand painter David Myriam

Sand animation performance in Ukraine

::July 28th 2007:: Sand animation show for Kazantip festival

Sand animation show in Singapore

::June, 15,16,17 2007:: Live sand drawing shows at Esplanade

Sand painting live show Dubaï

::May, 1st 2007:: Sand painter artist in Dubaï for a special sand painting creation

Live sand painting performance in Dubaï

::March, 26th 2007:: Original sand drawing performance in Dubaï

Live sand show in Grenoble

::March, 17th 2007:: Sand drawing show "Lunar Variation"

Sand drawing performance in Istanbul

::February, 14th 2007:: Live show for "If! Istanbul" festival

Sand drawing shows in India

::January, 28th, February, 3/4th 2007:: Live sand shows for 3 technology festivals

Sand painting performance in France

::January, 25th 2007:: Sand video performance "Rezign Live" in Lyon

Sand painter artist at Lyon

::December, 8th 2006:: Live sand performances at "Fêtes des Lumières"

Sand animator at Carthage festival

::November, 11th 2006:: Sand animation show JCC 2006, Tunis

Sand artist performance in Beijing China

::November, 2th 2006:: Sand performance for an Infiniti event

Sand animation at Beaubourg, Paris

::October, 25/26th 2006:: Sand artist for live shows in Paris

Sand video performance at "Coupe Icare"

::September, 22/23 2006:: Sand performance at festival near Grenoble

Sand performer in Saudi Arabia

::May, 30th 2006:: Special sand painting performance in Jeddah

Sand video painting Annecy festival + sand animation workshop

::May, 6/8 2006:: Sand video shows + Sand animation film

Sand animation show in Germany

::May, 02/05 2006:: Sand animation performance for a BMW event in Leipzig

Sand painting show for Toronto television

::September, 28/29 2006:: Special performances for a John Izzo television show

Sand shows

About sand drawing

Live sand drawing performances: magical shows

My shows

Live sand drawing show: "magical" art

Creation of special sand performances

Sand painting performance creation

Sand animation films

Sand art video clip Sandcastles

2013 :: frame by frame sand animation movie

Midnight Blue

<2013> Sand art drawing short movie: ecological tale

Sand art: video Showreel

Here is a new video presentation for my sand drawing creations

Sand Art films for Sea of Sand events

:: June 2013 :: Videos on request with sand drawing

Terminal Recession

<2012> Sand animation film, experimental

Sand art : commissioned film for event

::February 2012:: Sand film for corporate event in Saudi

Sand film for TV advert :: Fort Dauphin

::February 2012:: Sand drawing for commissioned film

Sand drawing for a movie

::October 2011:: Creating pictures for a medium-length film

REZIGN, sand animation film

<2010> Short movie by David Myriam

Sand drawing films for events

::May 2011:: Custom films for 2 events in Saudi Arabia

It’s not food! (sand animation)

<2009> Sand animation film by David Myriam

Do you mind?, short sand animation film

<2006> A strange animation short by David Myriam

A hole in the place of heart

<2005> Short sand animation film by David Myriam

Sand animation films presentation

Sand drawing frame by frame films

Sand Art on demand & creations


Sand art shows, performances, films, corporate events, animation shorts, video clip...

Sand Artist on request

Custom performances and films for events and shows



David Myriam sand art video selection

Sand drawing pictures

Selection of sand art picutres by David Myriam


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