Souvenirs: live painting video

Film with acrylic painting live under camera

This is my first acrylic painting live under camera.
Souvenirs is a 18 minutes video, assembled from an improvisation of more than 2h realized on November 21, 2016.

2016 :: Souvenirs :: live painting {JPEG}As a continuation of my work with live sand drawing, I wanted to experiment with other matters.
For editing, I shortened the scenes and slightly accelerated some passages of the videos captured continuously.

- This plastic creation is totally improvised. I had just thought to start making trees that turned into buildings, that’s all.

- Technically, I added a plastic film on my usual light table (a camera filmed from above), and I played with black acrylic paint and water. At one point, I also put red, it makes quite well, and then black is impregnated. I use pieces of plastic and various brushes. Thanks to the water, I was able to draw more than two hours without the paint dries.
For performances with this technique, it would probably have to make some adaptations.
It’s more messy than sand, and it takes more room for tools.

2016 :: Souvenirs :: live painting {JPEG}I obtain nice effects of matter and can paint as fast as with the sand. There is of course a painting aspect, there are not thousands of grains of sand moving. The major difference with sand may be aquatic effects related to the use of water with paint. Here the surface keeps more traces of the images before, while one can easily remove all the sand to return to the pure white. We thus obtain interesting textures, memories from the preceding pictures.

I found this essay very stimulating, with beautiful pictures, poetic, dark, raw, I will perhaps pursue. Thank you for your feedback.

2016 :: Souvenirs :: live painting

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