Decision not to fly anymore

I chose not to travel by plane from 2016

2012 :: Moon tree :: Sand art {JPEG}Given the severe climatic changes taking place on our planet because of the various greenhouse gases, and given that civil aviation is a major emitter of CO2 and other harmful pollutants, I decided not to fly anymore from 2016, except of course exceptional imperative.

Today, it seems to me essential and urgent to show modest example and to initiate serious changes in our way of life in order to live better, and by limiting the scale of future disasters, to give humanity a chance to survive the serious upheavals that have already begun (Climate, peak of oil and other raw materials, accelerated disappearance of species, generalized pollution, etc.).
This is only a small gesture, many other individual and collective actions are to be implemented.

This personal decision will in fact limit my travel abroad. For countries close to France (Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands ...), I can take the train, but I do not want to travel by plane.
I apologize to my partners in foreign countries more distant.

Of course, for regions that are unfortunately too far away, I remain still available for various forms of video creations (films, clips ...) and for all forms of creations that can be realized remotely (Performances, videoconferences, illustrations ...).

Thank you for your attention and understanding,
Best wishes for 2017
David Myriam

> Update 6 January 2017
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