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Live sand drawing performances: magical shows

Sand drawing live is a spectacular and original sort of painting art. The moving sand creates continuously fantastic and poetic figures.


Sand animation is a cinematographic practice which uses the visual and aesthetic properties of sand to create an animated image.

Sand animation can takes place on stage: the performer creates sand drawings using a lightboard and an overhead projector. The sand animated images are projected in real time on a wide screen.

Fluidity, high speed execution, sets of transparencies and superposition form spectacular drawings in perpetual transformation which excite imagination, surprise, allow abrupt changes of tone and images unforeseen.
As for the contemplation of the clouds in the sky, each one can recognize different forms which are assembled and are given birth to.
With sand, magic pictures are growing on the table and the screen.


2009 - Live sand drawing with symphonic orchestra, Auditorium Lyon {JPEG} A music is playing whit the performances to accentuate the diving in a parallel universe.
And the show isn’t only on the screen, but also in the kind of dance when the hands are playing with sands to create traces which become signs for the audience.

Live sand performances can be also integrated into other sorts of shows (dance, theatre, concerts, opera…), or in custom movies.


2009 - Live sand drawing, research {JPEG}
Live sand drawing needs dark showroom and the filmed drawings are projected on a screen.

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Sand is a fluid material and its grains which settle by chance around the features creates alive pictures made of a single texture. We are in a graphic field, but sand makes vibrate another dimension. 2009 - Live sand drawing, research {JPEG}The sand mixing create strange movements, which can approach choreography in the case of live painting.

I work with fine sand, useally with only one color, generally directly with the hands, but also with various tools (brushes, combs, points, pipes…).

To keep pictures, these moving drawings can be fixed with a still camera or a video camera.

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