Performance in Crest

| April 1st 2017 | live sand art and exhibition for art event

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2017 - Performance Release in Crest, France, David Myriam

Show Dunes in Lille

| March 29, 2017 | Performance for corporate event

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2017 :: Live sand art: Show Dunes, David Myriam

Show Souffle: pictures from stage

| March 2017 | sand art pictures

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2017 - Souffle, live sand art musical show in Nantes

Here are some pictures taken during the March performances.
Upcoming dates for Souffle in may-june 2017.


Sand art show of 8’

Show Souffle: Upcoming dates

| March 2017 | 3 concerts in France & Italy

After the success of Die (France), the concert-show Souffle with avec Martin Ferron continues its tour, in France and Italy.

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2016 :: Live sand art musical show (woman face): Souffle

Show concert rap in progress

| March-april 2017 | Creation of a new show

With two artists, I currently work for concert rap project, with Sand Art of course.

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2017 - Picture for concert rap project

Sand art show Lunar Variations in France

| February 18, 2017, 3h pm | live sand drawing performance in EDEN cinema

I will present my sand art show Lunar Variations in Crest at EDEN cinema, saturday February 18, 2017.


French Sand Artist David Myriam uses sand drawing since 2005 to create shows and sand performances with live video projection.
The sand plays with light and the artist imagines ephemera stories.

Sand art show David Myriam

With Sand Art, different kinds of creations available:

The sand artist also produces films for motion animation and sand illustrations.

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Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Live sand art David Myriam
Since 2005, a French artist specialist in sand drawing