Sand Art on demand & creations

Sand Art performances and Sand movies on demand.
Unique creations for any kind of event: corporate, commercial, TV, performing arts (theater, dance, concert, opera...)


Sand art shows, performances, films, corporate events, animation shorts, video clip...

2012 :: Moonflakes :: Sand art {JPEG}Since 2005, David Myriam, his films and shows, travel the world.

Sand Artist on request

Custom performances and films for events and shows

2012 :: Live Sand drawing :: Sand Art by David Myriam {JPEG} In addition to his own creations, David Myriam designs since 2005 Sand Art creations for any kind of event.

Whether for corporate events (brand launches, seminars, gala dinners, product promotion...) or cultural (television, film festivals, performing arts: concerts, theater, dance, opera...), David Myriam brings emotion and creativity necessary to the success of your events.

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Since 2005, a French artist specialist in sand drawing