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Performances at film festival, Aubagne

::October 09,10 2009:: Spectacles dessin sur sable + Film d’animation

Some new creations for a film festival in France, Aubagne :

October 09, 2009

Performance dessin sur sable
New live sand performance on the topic of the Latin America, fights of the peasants in Bolivia, Brazil… With a special sound track chosen by David Myriam.
Duration: 24 min.

October 10, 2009

 Live sand painting show to open the evening films screenings: Rezign Live (duration: 15 min.)

 For the special film night: presentation of "It’s Not Food!", a sand animation film about stockbreedings of ducks and geese, duration: 09:30.
This film, my third one made with sand is presented for the first time in festival.

It’s not Food, picture from the movie
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