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Sand art for a tale

| June 19, 2022 | Drôme: creation for a tale accompanied by electronic music

2022 - Sand art for a tale
Dessin d’essai pour cette création en cours

I am creating a live sand art performance for a show combining storytelling and live electronic music.
The show will be a mix of live storytelling, sand drawing and electronic music. Its name is "Les libère-terres".
It will be a somewhat experimental work, with a first performance ("exit from residence") on June 19 near Crest (26400) during a local festival "Electronic music and well-being". (another performance wat in Crest, October 08 2022)
 Length: 40’

The storyteller, Marina, who is also the author of the tale (named "Les libère-terres"), and the musician are motivated, as I am, to create an original work.

A work that speaks of freedom from the weight of reassuring traditions, whose heroes and heroines are green parakeets. be continued

2022 - Sand art for a tale
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