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Sand art for documentary film: broadcast on TV

| Monday June 29, 2020 - 8h45 pm | Live sand drawing sequences inside documentary film

In 2018, I shot live sand drawing sequences for an archive documentary film about Robert Jacquinot De Besange (creator of the first refugee zone in history, in China).
This film by director Sébastien CASSEN, entitled "The Samaritan of Shanghai" will be broadcast on KTO tv Monday 29, June, at 8.45 pm.
 See (sand art: 21’ & 51’10")
 Video of part of the live sand drawing sequences that are integrated into the documentary by the director :

2018 - Live sand art for documentary film

"Robert Jacquinot de Besange (1878-1946) was a Jesuit and representative of the International Red Cross in Shanghai, and from 1937 he helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians during the war between China and Japan. Thanks to the establishment of safe areas that have made history of humanitarian law At the same time, Shanghai hosting thousands of Jewish refugees from Europe."

2018 - Live sand art for documentary film
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