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Show SOUFFLE, several dates in France and Switzerland

| November 03, 16 & 22, 2019 + December 5, 2019 | Multimedia concerts

2016-2019 :: Live sand art musical show (nenuphar & earth): Souffle

The» concert-show Souffle will have new multimedia performances:

  • Novembrer 03, 2019 in Yvonand, Switzerland: 05:00 pm, Yvonand Temple
  • November 16 in Lyon: 8:30 pm - Sainte-Blandine
  • November 22 in Epinouze: Valloire - Cultural Season
  • December 5 in "Pays roussillonnais": Cultural Season - 8:00 pm
2017 - Souffle, live sand art musical show in Aosta


In 2016, Martin Ferron created "Souffle" (music, sand art, poetry)
It is a touching, stimulating and poetic journey that has its source in the cultures of the Francophonie and the wisdoms of humanity.
"Souffle" mixing concert, live sand drawing, poetry and personal and social development.
Martin Ferron and the French pioneer of sand art David Myriam.
This musical and visual journey is inspired by air, wind and water.

Productions SÈME

 An amazing show full of images, emotions, beauty, with:

  • Martin Ferron (Quebec): author, composer, keyboard and narration
  • David Myriam: sand art specialist
  • Jean Paul Afanassief: Drums, percussion
  • Lionel Biolley: Saxophone and wind instruments
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