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"Sand Uprising", an evening around sand art

| August 10, 2022 | Aurel, Drôme: short films & shows

2022 - Special event "Sand Uprising", August 10

An exceptional event in Drôme, discover all aspects of sand art with David Myriam.

 On August 10th, a new magnificent place of creation, reception, residence and sharing in the Drôme will present creations by David Myriam.


  • Opening at 7:30 pm
  • Exhibition of drawings, poems and paintings, on themes in resonance with the other creations of the evening
  • 8:30 pm: Presentation of three personal short films.
  • Live solo sand art performance: Dunes
  • "Sand Uprising": Presentation of a semi-improvised live sand drawing performance (around 40 minutes), with the violin player Bernard Gudin who also plays live on stage and interacts with the drawings. This creation, created especially for this event, will speak about the singular beauty of the living, the nature attacked by the dominant society, the climate deregulated by productivism and the industrial system, and the struggles, alternatives and resistances in the face of these multiple systemic aggressions.

 All facets of sand drawing will be present: film, show, live drawing, frame by frame animation, illustration, (semi) improvised performance...

2022 - Special event "Sand Uprising"
rdv à Aurel, Drôme, pour une soirée exceptionnelle

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at La Coconnerie, for a "Sand Uprising"

 08:30pm - La Coconnerie, 2953 route d’Aurel, Aurel, Drôme

"La Coconnerie" is located at the foot of the beautiful village of Aurel, in the heart of the Drôme Valley, "above" Vercheny.

 This place will start its activities in June 2022, its website is under construction. You can already discover the program of the next months.

 Some pictures here to give the atmosphere of the performance "Sand Uprising". They will not necessarily be drawn in this performance.
And after some drawings/paints on paper.

2022 - Special event "Uprising of sand"
2022 - Special event "Sand Uprising", August 10
2022 - Special event "Sand Uprising", August 10
2022 - Special event "Sand Uprising", August 10
2016 :: Flying Forest :: acrylic paint & inks, 88x63cm
2016 :: Nuclear Blood :: acrylic paint & inks, 63x88cm
2016 :: Survivor :: acrylic paint & inks, 40x30cm
2017 - Ghost Refuges - paint & ink, 65x50cm
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