Live sand show with "Orchestre National de Lyon"

::November 21, 2009:: Performances in Lyon, symphonic concert

Live sand drawing, Lyon, 2009

For the first of the "Concerts Family" products at the Auditorium, titled "Mystery sand”, David Myriam take part of the show with new live sand drawing performance.

He presents exceptional Moving Sand creations around the theme of nature: fantastic, friendly, threatening?...
Somme mysterious and moving pictures to travel with music. Around 30 minutes in six different parts.

 A video with a part of this concert:

David Myriam
2009 - Live sand drawing with symphonic orchestra, Auditorium Lyon

 The live images created on stage by the artist are projecting onto a wide screen
 A puppeteer also accompany the hundreds of musicians from the orchestra.

 The composers on the program:

Orchestra and screen, Auditorium Lyon, 2009

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