Midnight Blue

<2013> Sand art drawing short movie: ecological tale


This ecological tale takes us to the heart of the underwater world, between night and light, following the rhythm of a whale’s meditations, a privileged witness of human activity on the oceans.

David Myriam
2014 :: Midnight Blue :: San Francisco Green Film Festival

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2013 :: Midnight Blue :: Interfilm Festival, Berlin

History of the birth of the film

Midnight Blue :: Sand drawing film {JPEG}I imagined this film after creation of two live sand drawing performances for the Festival Musica Nigella in 2011, with music by Crumb and Natsuda .
The theme of the concert was "The Secret Life of Oceans" , and I was inspired dramas including the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster , and the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform operated by BP .

For the first time , I used blue sand , which corresponded well to the diving atmosphere.

2014 :: Midnight Blue :: price for Yound Audience + nomination, Festival "Des Courts en Hiver", Porto Vecchio

Thereafter, I imagined a storyboard inspired by these performances , adding other elements , including the issue of fishing and fish consumption.
Midnight Blue :: Sand drawing film {JPEG}
Once editing advanced , on the advice of productor Citron Bien & Hélène Ducrocq , I wrote a poem to give another dimension to the film.
For the first time , I created a movie with lyrics.

Gérard Bonnotte then harmonized its original musical composition with this poem.
The film was completed in June 2013.

2014 :: Midnight Blue :: Washington Environmental Film Festival

Voice over extract

2014 :: Midnight Blue :: Act now for our climat {JPEG}

The depths roar in anger
The wind moans and writhes
Salt clings and eats away
Yet the creature is still at the helm
Set in the wrong direction
Straight to the edge of the world

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2013 :: Midnight Blue :: festival selections 01
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